Medically Supervised Program May Be Much More Effective Than Counting Calories
Freemont, CA – For many years, calorie counting has been intrinsically linked to weight loss, so much so that the amount of calories contained in an item of food is printed on the labeling. And yet recent scientific research is beginning to identify that counting calories may actually be an over-simplification and will certainly not deliver the best results for everyone. 
Although the perceived wisdom is that the calorie is a standard measurement, 100 calories of Kale is not the same as 100 calories of your favorite chocolate bar. Everyone has a different metabolic rate and different levels of activity throughout the day. Dietary specialist Simran Sethi is convinced that there is no one size fits all diet. She believes that in order to achieve maximum success, it is imperative to have a medically supervised weight loss program. 
Clients at her RenewMD clinic in Freemont California would seem to agree with her sentiments judging by the many positive reviews her clinic has received. 
RenewMD and Dr. Simran Sethi have a very passionate goal to be the leader in ethnic skincare and health. The company wants to address skin in a holistic way, by finding the root of a condition, generally a result of a hormonal imbalance, weight management issues, and possibly lifestyle choices. The founder and medical director, Dr. Simran Sethi’s vision for RenewMD is to address concerns from a conscientious standpoint, and to share vital and excellent knowledge for the clients, while focusing on overturning past health concerns, and providing preventative care with long-lasting results.
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